Committed To Doing More

Wellable Labs is dedicated to advancing human capital management by reimagining the framework, norms, tools, and technologies industry professionals use to attract, retain, and enhance the performance of employees. As organizations adapt to meet the wants and needs of their employees, differentiate themselves through a culture of health, and drive overall business success, there has never been a better or more necessary time to explore the intersection of engagement, well-being, benefits, and technology. To this end, Wellable Labs works with tactical thinkers and visionary leaders to conduct proprietary research, deliver interactive content, provide thought leadership, and cultivate a robust community to question the status quo and transform the way organizations optimize their workforces.

Commited To Doing More

Programs & Resources

Book Club

Book Club

A fun way to build relationships and stay abreast of trends while fostering your own innovation and critical thinking.

Compensation Data Center

Compensation Data Center

Stay competitive by leveraging a robust data set on compensation packages reported by wellness professionals from across the country.


Exclusive Events

Devote time to personal and professional development with exclusive opportunities to expand your skills and enhance your career!

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Global Community

Join a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded professionals that support, inspire, learn from, and teach one another.

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Industry Trends

Explore where businesses are investing wellness dollars to help key decision-makers optimize their approach to workplace wellness.

Research Hub

Research Hub

Free catalog of peer-reviewed studies covering topics at the intersection of engagement, well-being, benefits, and technology.

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Research Initiatives

One of the central purposes of Wellable Labs is to facilitate actionable research on human capital management as it relates to engagement, well-being, benefits, and technology. If you are an academic institution, professional organization, or independent researcher who would like to learn more about and contribute to this growing field, let us know!